Postage Information

Please use the following information as a guide to help you post your iphone or ipad to us. The responsibility and costs of getting the phone to us is yours. ( we will refund your postage costs £7.25 max) Online postage services are available for you to arrange courier to come to you to collect, or drop of at drop points.

Royal Mail will only deliver two or more phones if sent by special delivery.  we do not accept responsibility for non-delivery of phones or damage in transit. We therefore recommend that you send any high value units via registered post to ensure successful delivery.

We cannot be held responsible for any handsets that have not been received. Mobilesinternational takes no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, goods in transit.

For each package you send in it is your responsibility to:

  • Ensure it is adequately insured for loss in transit, and
  • Ensure that it is adequately physically protected.

Mobilesinternational accepts no liability for any loss sustained due to inadequate packaging when Mobilesinternational supplied return bags are used.

Once your goods have been received and inspected, Mobilesinternational will contact you via email to confirm the amount Mobilesinternational offers for them (as adjusted, if necessary, by these terms and conditions). If you do not reply within 72 working hours Mobilesinternational will pay the offered amount.

Mobilesinternational cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of emails because of spam email or junk filters.

Under no circumstances can goods be returned after this two day period.

If you choose to decline the offer within the 5 calendar day period, you may ask Mobilesinternational to return the goods to you. Please allow up to 10 working days to receive your returned phone. All handsets are returned for free.

Quotes are valid for 14 days from original order, Mobilesinternational reserve the right to offer a different price according to price fluctuations outside of this time period.

If for whatever reason Mobilesinternational cannot send you back your original phone then Mobilesinternational will be obliged to make payment for the full quoted amount.

Additional accessories that have been sent in with your handset which have not been requested by Mobilesinternational cannot be returned.

Goods which are "lost, blocked, or stolen" will not be returned in accordance with Home Office guidelines. “Fake” goods will be returned if Mobilesinternational considers that they were remitted in good faith.